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For those on the road, hotels can be a welcome place for a night’s rest. Hotels must be designed so that they are both welcoming and professional. People from all cultures and backgrounds must be drawn to the promise of a good night’s sleep. The architect must accommodate a variety of customer preferences, body styles, and sizes. Trust Kumar’s experience with creating a vital mix of comfort and style for a home away from home.

Long Term Care or Seniors Housing

Many countries are now experiencing a larger than normal senior population. As a result, communities around the world are investing in housing for seniors. These facilities require house plans that are accessible to people with disabilities. These homes can also require built-in structures to make stairs and showers safer. The longer people stay safe in their homes, the more active and independent they can live. Our experts are ready to create a home designed for life’s next stage.

Industrial Buildings

Industrial buildings often have a bad reputation. The designs of yesteryear often employed a grayscale, soul-crushing approach. Modern industrial buildings can be different. Many businesses know that employees are energized by entering vibrant workplaces. Environmental responsibility also requires that designers consider the local impact of production.

Apartment Buildings

From students to young families, apartments are a permanent part of the landscape. These multifamily buildings require designing standardized homes that invite customization. Architects must create spaces that are separate enough to allow tenants to create a home. But landowners will also be concerned with energy efficiency, building costs, and marketing. An elegantly designed apartment complex can almost sell itself.

Office Buildings

In these structures, stuffy professionalism joins openness and efficiency. Many businesses today depend on the cubicle format to house employees. This creates the architectural challenge of a comfortable yet productive workspace. Visitors are often conducting professional business or waiting in line. The experts at Kumar know how to create a winning office space tailored to your needs.

Restaurant and Interiors

Food holds a special place in hearts around the world. No matter what culture you visit, how they eat can tell you a lot about the local identity. That is why Kumar knows designing a restaurant requires special attention to vision. Whether through building or renovation, we work with clients to craft the experience.


If you can dream it, Kumar can help. We have experience designing non-traditional structures. From bridges to ornamental towers, we are prepared to help get special projects built. Our customercentered approach is perfect for unique projects. We can provide options for almost any idea.

Custom Build Houses

With greater concern for the environment, many are seeking small house plans. Smaller houses can be cheaper to construct and maintain. But most people don’t want to live in a box. We still want a structure that feels like the comforts of a personal home.

No matter the size or structure, Kumar can design the house the client needs.

Your vision is our vision. Kumar Architecture is committed to finding collaborative solutions for your building needs. We treat the customer as a full team member in every stage of the design and construction processes. You can trust us to realize your vision, on time and within budget. Our priority is to secure customer loyalty, not just a quick sale..


  • Our priority is developing long-term relationships with our clients.
  • We use a team approach to guide each project from idea to reality.
  • Providing personalized service ensures meeting budget constraints and project schedules.

At Kumar Architecture, we believe in a pure and holistic approach. We create products that are both functionally pleasing and environmentally sustainable. Each of us must take responsibility for the impact that we have on our world. Our structures contribute environmentally for as long as they stand.

Kumar Architecture is committed to providing detail-oriented design solutions. We are the experts. Our clients come to us with a vision and a set of needs. They trust us to incorporate local standards and potential construction issues. We promise to do the background work to make our clients happy.

This approach is important in producing the right building for our clients.

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