Your vision is our vision.

At Kumar Architecture our clients are a fundamental part of the design process. We are ready to meet with potential clients to provide a list of potential design options. We start with the client’s vision and deliver a practical, functioning building plan.

Collaboration with our customers is the best way to bring a vision to life. We are unique in our ability to skillfully create in a wide variety of architectural styles.

Facility evaluation and renovation

Changing times often need changing environments. It may be time to grow to accommodate a larger family or business. Changing technology or fashion trends may require a new design in an old structure.

In either case, we can evaluate needs and develop a renovation plan. Kumar Architecture has renovated hundreds of thousands of square feet. We have satisfied customers from small tenant spaces and multi-floor office buildings.

Interior design

Our expertise does not end with external design. We are ready to design interior spaces that are functional and attractive. Productivity often depends on a comfortable and inspiring environment. We go beyond selecting material to create rooms that are colorful and well lit. We also pick the right furniture and layout to best market the room’s purpose.

Site selection

We understand the nuances of properly locating a building. Demographics, infrastructure, and traffic flow can all impact the success of an operation. We are ready to analyze local conditions and choose the right site for your building.

Environment graphics and branding

Retail, transitional, and traditional spaces all have different marketing needs. We offer designs for many kinds of building marketing, including static and multi-media.

Prototype building design

Prototype building design means freestanding new construction. We have vast experience in adapting building design to fit the chosen location. We can make sure your project fits the image of the surrounding buildings.


  • Our priority is developing long-term relationships with our clients.
  • We use a team approach to guide each project from idea to reality.
  • Providing personalized service ensures meeting budget constraints and project schedules.

At Kumar Architecture, we believe in a pure and holistic approach. We create products that are both functionally pleasing and environmentally sustainable. Each of us must take responsibility for the impact that we have on our world. Our structures contribute environmentally for as long as they stand.

Kumar Architecture is committed to providing detail-oriented design solutions. We are the experts. Our clients come to us with a vision and a set of needs. They trust us to incorporate local standards and potential construction issues. We promise to do the background work to make our clients happy.

This approach is important in producing the right building for our clients.

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