Gone are the days of dank, unattractive warehouses that feel cold and impersonal. With a push towards sleeker, welcoming designs, modern industrial architecture has begun to see the introduction of more open and bright layouts that combine operational functionality with carefully refined aesthetics. With many properties featuring onsite offices and storage facilities in the same shared space, the marriage between structure and design is more important than ever. From breathing new life into tired, outdated, developments to building a lasting landmark, our team of experienced professionals are proud to partner with you to create the perfect fit for every industrial application.


At Kumar Architecture, we understand the importance that each property investment holds for our clients. Industrial developments represent a crucial opportunity to expand your operations, build your brand, and to better serve your customers through increased efficiency. Designing a building perfectly suited to the requirements of your company means addressing your needs today, while also planning for the future. With years of expertise under our belt, Kumar understands just how diverse the industrial market can be. Our team strives to create spaces that seamlessly blend contemporary aesthetics, economical functionality, and long lasting design. Industrial architecture includes projects such as:

  • Warehouses
  • Call Centres
  • Manufacturing plants, and more


Kumar Architecture is a top Canadian architecture firm servicing commercial and residential projects in Alberta, British Columbia, and Manitoba. Our team is comprised of industry experts focused on forming longstanding relationships with our clients through trust and transparency. We offer comprehensive architectural design and consulting services, including:

Architecture Drawings

Partner with our team to draft blueprints that will easily guide contractors during construction.

Facility evaluation and renovation

If you need to remodel your space to adhere to new building codes, increase efficiency, or expand to fit rising demands, we’re happy to assist.

Interior design

Kumar’s interior design services extend beyond aesthetics. Our designers partner with you to create functional and stylish layouts that achieve your goals while upholding the utmost taste.

Site selection

Kumar makes finding the best location for your development simple. We’ll help navigate challenges such as demographic considerations, infrastructure design, accessibility via traffic flow, and more.

Prototype Building Design

You’ll never have to worry about your finished product matching the original layout with our detailed prototypes.

Environment Graphics and Branding

Kumar will work alongside your team to design a marketing plan that includes static and multi-media promotional materials.



  • Our priority is developing long-term relationships with our clients.
  • We use a team approach to guide each project from idea to reality.
  • Providing personalized service ensures meeting budget constraints and project schedules.

At Kumar Architecture, we believe in a pure and holistic approach. We create products that are both functionally pleasing and environmentally sustainable. Each of us must take responsibility for the impact that we have on our world. Our structures contribute environmentally for as long as they stand.

Kumar Architecture is committed to providing detail-oriented design solutions. We are the experts. Our clients come to us with a vision and a set of needs. They trust us to incorporate local standards and potential construction issues. We promise to do the background work to make our clients happy.

This approach is important in producing the right building for our clients.

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