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The role of hospitality architecture is two fold: to provide a welcoming environment that is as aesthetically pleasing and welcoming as it is functional. From creating standalone boutique masterpieces to ensuring that your new development upholds the strictest franchise standards, each element must seamlessly integrate into an overall design that is flawless. Partnering with an experienced firm makes creating the perfect layout simple, as well as cost effective. At Kumar Architecture, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities present with commercial development and work closely with our clients to create longstanding properties that help define your brand and attract countless visitors each year.


As with any commercial property developing a new hotel presents your corporation with the opportunity to leave a significant impression on the community you build in, as well as guests visiting the area. At Kumar, we know just how vital that impression is to the success of your brand, the property itself, and when it comes to creating a legacy for your competitors to contend with. We’re here to partner with you for every aspect of your project; from envisioning the next modern tower to dot Vancouver’s skyline to undertaking historic restorations and more. Kumar’s breadth of experience encompasses:

  • Franchise developments, including properties for IC, Comfort Inn Suites, etc.
  • Standalone properties, including those developed with the intention of becoming a franchisee upon resale.

Kumar Architecture is able to help with all aspects of hotel development including location selection, prototype building, interior design, architecture, and more.


Kumar Architecture is a leading firm throughout the Western Canada region, servicing clients located in Alberta, British Columbia, and Manitoba. With over 8 years in the industry, our team is equipped to tackle hospitality projects from a vast array of sizes and scopes, all the way from small developments to 90-130 room multi-level properties. As a smaller firm, Kumar values our ability to offer our clients more personalized service, including face to face meetings, readily available communication, and transparency throughout the entire project.

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  • Our priority is developing long-term relationships with our clients.
  • We use a team approach to guide each project from idea to reality.
  • Providing personalized service ensures meeting budget constraints and project schedules.

At Kumar Architecture, we believe in a pure and holistic approach. We create products that are both functionally pleasing and environmentally sustainable. Each of us must take responsibility for the impact that we have on our world. Our structures contribute environmentally for as long as they stand.

Kumar Architecture is committed to providing detail-oriented design solutions. We are the experts. Our clients come to us with a vision and a set of needs. They trust us to incorporate local standards and potential construction issues. We promise to do the background work to make our clients happy.

This approach is important in producing the right building for our clients.

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