Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

Fort Station Assisted Living Facility

Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

Design Rational: One of the prime locations in Fort Saskatchewan, the part of present mall is converted into a new supportive living facility to caters the demands of seniors housing in the province. This four-storey facility has a whole second floor devoted to dementia patients with main floor as a common faculties for seniors playroom, dinning facility, shops and so on. Being close to the existing retail facility special care is done to make it connect to the existing shopping center.

Key Features: The building is designed close to the existing shopping center with walking connections to the center. Resident rooms are grouped to help create smaller scale, home-like environments. Daily home activities such as dining, relaxing, and socializing are accommodated on the main floor along with broader activities such as worship, therapy, counseling, and social functions within public group spaces as designed.

Client: Undisclosed
Size: 81,500 sq.ft. 108 units (on a 1.23 Acre site)

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