Fort McMurray, Alberta

Ms.B’s Family Restaurant

Fort McMurray, Alberta

Design Rational: Originally this place was the house of one for the oldest local newspaper printing shop-“Fort McMurray today”. It was quite a challenge to convert a printing shop to restaurant. Being a family restaurant, our theme had a simple objective – to provide a healthy and fresh daily variety of food in the family friendly restaurant. The design team at Kumar worked very closely with the owner and builder group and created a fresh and sophisticated yet functional design.

Key Features: The existing building has nice big windows and exposed concrete stairs reminds of classic architecture. We at kumar kept the fresh light coming form existing big windows while creating a fresh ambiance in this double storey restaurant. Fresh materials and materials that were both durable and easy to clean tie in to the overall ease of this family restaurant. The focus was to incorporate bright and efficient lighting to draw attention to food patrons are eating on the tables.

Client: SMG group of companies
Size: 6,920 sq.ft (673 sq.m.)

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