Millwood, Edmonton, Alberta

Tweddle Place Assisted Living Facility

Millwood, Edmonton, Alberta

Design Rational: An innovative model of supportive living, Tweddle place is designed to accommodate residents of varying ages, physical and mental abilities. The exterior features individual entrances, ground-level front porches and brick clad rustic look of the facade, enhancing the facility’s home-like design. Thanks to these considerations, as well as careful massing, setbacks and materials selection, Tweddle place is right at home in the surrounding commercial complex and single-family neighbourhood.

Key Features: The building is designed inside the existing commercial zoned direct control zoning. Being inside the existing commercial complex it has a walking connection to the surrounding areas. This Six storey building has all the modern facilities that caters to the contemporary lifestyle for the seniors.

Client: Southwood center properties Inc.
Size: 87,450 sq.ft. 102 units (on a 1.23 Acre site)

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