A one-of-a-kind, masterfully-designed home is a dream of nearly every homeowner. If you’re ready to bring your ideas into reality, partnering with a full-service architectural firm is the easiest, most rewarding path to success. Kumar Architecture is a leading firm in Western Canada, ready to help your new home reach its full potential through holistic, innovative, and sustainable design.

Although the prospect of a custom-built home is exciting, it can also be overwhelming thinking about where to begin. To help guide you in getting started, here are a few things to consider when planning your project, as well as ways that Kumar Architecture can help along the way.

Defining Your Vision

This is where the fun begins! Establishing a clear idea of what will make your home yours will help guide every phase of design and construction. Having well-thought-out “needs” and “wants” that your architect can incorporate will ensure that the final design is as unique as the people who will call it “home” for years to come.

For over ten years, Kumar Architecture has helped clients achieve visions in many distinct architectural styles. Our team has over 100 years’ combined experience in diverse backgrounds, allowing us to craft contemporary and historical designs with unrivalled artistry, innovation, and value. Whether your home calls for classic comforts or futuristic inspiration, our firm’s record of architectural excellence makes us the ideal partner.

Setting a Budget

Of all the aspects of custom-building a new home, budgeting is probably the least appealing for most people. Nonetheless, it’s a necessary evil. Knowing what you can spend, how much flexibility you have, and what financing options are available will help you and your architect design with peace-of-mind, clearly understanding what financial parameters you are working within.

Partnering with a firm committed to adding value to every design can take much of the stress out of budgeting. No matter the size, scope, or budget of your project, Kumar’s team of qualified experts will work with you every step of the way to bring your vision to fruition.

The Right People Working the Right Way

While they have long been the standard in commercial and industrial development, integrated design services are still relatively new (and often undervalued) in the home renovation landscape. Partnering with an architectural firm that can offer these services will enhance every aspect of your custom-built home. From accelerating the permit approval process to coordinating with contractors to make last-minute design changes, a firm that can keep everyone on the same page is critical to your project’s success.

Kumar Architecture’s network of internal experts and external partners allows us to provide fully integrated design services. Bringing together all aspects of the project saves time, money, and mitigates countless headaches through every phase of design and construction. Our partnership team includes experts in engineering, sustainability, interior design, planning, and infrastructure. We ensure your design conforms to all local regulations, all without compromising your vision for your custom-built home.

Custom-Built Homes with Kumar Architecture

Kumar Architecture is proud to offer client service as personalized as the home we design for you. We firmly believe that collaboration is a vital part of any project. Transparency and accessibility for our clients is an essential part of our approach, enabling us to design the home of your dreams and bring it to reality.

Ready to Get Started?

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