Whether your next development project is residential, commercial, or industrial, choosing the right architectural firm is an essential step in the process. While Edmonton has plenty of options to choose from, not every architect is going to be right for your vision. Choosing the right one for your project will go a long way towards determining its overall profitability and success.

No matter the size or scope of your next project, experience should be an important consideration when choosing your architectural firm. Read on to explore the benefits of selecting an experienced architect and find out how Kumar Architecture can help your next development project reach its full potential.

Meeting the Highest Standards from the Start

Edmonton has some of the highest standards and most stringent building codes of any major city in Canada. This is not without good reason; northern Alberta’s harsh climate necessitates that all structures be able to withstand the elements and keep occupants warm and safe in every season. Nonetheless, these stiff building codes pose unique and potentially unexpected challenges to developers throughout the design process.

Partnering with an architectural firm from the start will allow you to get a finessed, detailed design that’s fully compliant with all applicable building codes and regulations. With extensive experience designing for the Edmonton area, Kumar Architecture offers architectural solutions that are fully compliant and easily approved to accelerate the development process.

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Saving Time & Money

Mistakes in the design phase of a development project can be costly. Especially in light of Edmonton’s stiff building codes, design oversights and flaws can cost developers both time and money throughout the duration of the project.

An architectural firm will ensure you avoid these costly mistakes, freeing up time and money to devote to the construction process. With nearly a decade of design experience in commercial, residential, and industrial architecture, Kumar has a proven track record of adding value and maximizing efficiency on projects of all sizes and scopes.

Building Trust & Communication

Clear and consistent communication between developers and their architecture teams is critical in the development process. Breakdowns can have disastrous (and expensive) consequences for developers, so avoiding communication pitfalls is crucial in your development’s success.

Kumar Architecture’s focus on customer service seeks to help developers avoid these hurdles in their projects. We believe collaboration is a vital part of any project; working with a firm that values transparency and accessibility with its clients will save time, money, and avoid countless headaches throughout the design, approval, and construction phases.

How Kumar Can Help

Kumar Architecture is a leading architectural firm in Western Canada, servicing clients across Alberta, British Columbia, and Manitoba. With nearly a century of combined industry experience, our team is ready to tackle development projects of all sizes and scopes. As a small firm with big capabilities, Kumar is proud to offer personalized service custom-tailored to your project’s needs, including full-service architectural design, open communication throughout the entire process, and more.

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