2020 is an interesting time for housing development in Vancouver. With the city implementing new affordable housing policies, the demand for low-cost multi-family complexes is high. However, the focus on affordability creates many constraints related to design and cost for developers. Nonetheless, with the City of Vancouver offering incentives for building affordable rental units, opportunities exist to capitalize on the demand for reasonably-priced housing units.

Developers need architectural firms that can help with every phase of the process, from design and approval to project coordination. The right firm will allow developers to take advantage of the current opportunity in the Vancouver market while saving time and money. Read on to learn more about what developers should look for in a Vancouver Architect.

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Qualifications & Experience

As with any project, developers looking to capitalize on Vancouver’s need for affordable housing need an architectural firm with a proven track record on projects of a similar scale. Working with a qualified, experienced team from the start can save both time and money in the design process. Developers can reallocate these resources to the build process, allowing all parties to maximize value from their investment.

Additionally, developers should seek out teams that are familiar with the latest regulations and safety standards. Especially in light of Vancouver’s new policies around affordable housing developments, a well-versed architect has the potential to add value through thoughtful planning and design, ensuring high-quality results that comply with all standards.

Clear Communication

Clear and consistent communication between developers and their architecture teams is often overlooked in the development process. Collaboration is a vital part of any project; working with a firm that values transparency and accessibility with its clients will save time, money, and avoid countless headaches throughout the design, approval, and construction phases.

While larger firms may boast a wealth of resources available to developers, they often fall short in their communication practices throughout the design process. All the potential assets a large firm can offer are meaningless if they are not used to fulfill a client’s needs. Clear, consistent communication is critical to this process; firms that value excellent customer service are better suited to fulfilling today’s development needs.

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Kumar Architecture is a leading architectural firm in Western Canada, servicing clients across British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba. With nearly a decade of industry experience, our team is ready to tackle development projects of all sizes and scopes. As a small firm with large capabilities, Kumar is proud to offer personalized service tailored to your project’s needs, including face-to-face meetings, accessible communication, transparency throughout the entire process, and more.

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